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Is Being a Cuckold a Natural-Born Thing?

~Enjoy this letter and correspondence I had with a cuck husband months ago . . .

Dear Master SHANGO,

If you ever have time and would be so kind, I was wondering something that maybe you could answer for me. Do you believe being a cuckold can be a natural-born thing?

The reason I ask is because I was older, way past my prime, when I first found myself desiring many things pertaining to the cuckold lifestyle. This was back in the early to mid-eighties. There was no internet back then, or books or conventions that discussed or highlighted anything about this. Back then I felt strange and alone with my desires.

I wanted to have a girlfriend (or wife) who would control me and willingly sleep with other men, and hopefully let or make me watch. I wished for a woman to make a submissive out of me, to humiliate me in front of other men, and entice me to taste cum out of her pussy or ass. I was all in for sucking other men’s cock too.

I would like to be clear that I do consider myself a heterosexual, regardless of my willingness to submit to another man, preferably a Black god. Never has it occurred to me to see myself as gay or bisexual. I had no idea that I could learn to have things both ways, or that other men out there bore similar attitude. It’s been such a relief knowing that I’m not the only one living like this.

When I began reading about what being a cuckold or a wittol meant, I found myself saying "holy shit, I am not the only one that finds these things hot?" There was no one to talk to about these things, what friend would understand me saying, you know the thought of tasting another man's cum out of my girlfriend, really turns me on?"

I remember being a teen, there was a tom-boy girl who lived in the same neighbourhood as me, and she often played sports with my friends and I most weekends. She wasn't that attractive, but had a very aggressive strong personality (like a guys). Anyway, one time she got really pissed at me and wanted to fight me. I am a pretty big, strong dude and would have knocked her out with one punch but I was taught to NEVER ever hit girls so I wouldn't fight back. She punched me a few times so I covered up and went to the ground, so she continued pummelling me, then pushed me on my back, sat on my chest and held my arms down with her legs. I started to sit up easily so she pushed my head down and basically sat on my face. She clamped her legs on my head really hard and her pussy and ass were right in my face. (Of course she had shorts on).

As my friends laughed, she stayed on me yelling at me but all I could think about was being under her control and I got so turned on, I came in my pants. When she finally got off me, someone noticed the big stain and thought I peed. I was so humiliated (and turned on) I ran home. And as soon as I got there, I masturbated again and over the course of the next couple years, that was my number one yank material.

Thinking about her pussy and ass in my face but in my fantasy of course she made me eat her and lick her ass.

Anyway, it was at this time that I noticed how much being submissive and controlled by a woman, turned me on. So my question about this feeling being natural or inside me is due to because I feel this is me. Thinking about a cheating girlfriend or wife, or a wife having a baby by another man turned me on so much I could barely control myself.

So are there others like me in this? I assume the same must be true for some bulls or cuckoldresses, that being on the opposite end, cucking and humiliating a guy, feels natural and a turn on to them. What are your thoughts on that, sir?

Thank you and hope to talk again soon.

Cuck Tony,

Rochester, NY.


Dear cuck Tony,

When I look at the photos of your wife, I ask myself the question: whatever took you so long to accept what you were meant to become, and for you to reveal this dream to her? She has an awesome body that's genuinely Built for Black, except you have neglected this desire for so long now. However, it's good that you've come around to knowing what's true for you.

There is no greater news than when a white boi/husband discovers what he has been seeking all through his life, even though he never realised it would end up becoming a revelation to him as your has been to you. Most would consider that as destiny, which in this case similarly applies to you ever wanting to accept your dream of becoming a true cuckold.

The signs have been there for you the entire time. You failed to acknowledge it all through your years as a teen. Everything that has led you to where you are now has been replaying before your life for years since. This is equally the same fate that applies to many cuck husbands out there.

When you look at your wife, you don't merely see her as being your true-life partner. You don't merely consider her as the mother to your children and the keeper of your home. You especially envision her as being a dominant figure to you in the bedroom: your Mistress whom you've sought for so long. Even if she might not readily be that, it is your duty to remake her into becoming the goddess that you wish she would embrace.

Being your Mistress as well means that she deserves a lover of superior caliber to be with her in your bed. Someone who won't merely make love to her (that is your solemn job), but to fuck her. Someone who would ravish her, mould her into assuming the supreme sexual quality that only a Black god can bestow upon her.

Yes, I do refer to you setting your wife up with a Black god.

This is all contained in the overwhelming fantasy you continuously enjoy whenever you daydream of your wife being in the arms of another man; a Black Dom who would come to take charge of your home and whose pleasure your wife would commit to enjoying.

You were born to be a cuckold. This is the sum of everything that is meant to become of you. You were meant to marry a gorgeous white woman, who in turn is meant to cuck you and for whom both of you would become submissive to a Black Dom in the comfort of your home. Like many husbands out there, many of whom are coming to terms with this aspect of life, they are learning to share this dream to involve other husbands around them. You are subjected to be as such, too.


Master Shango.


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Yes, I have felt the same way for a very long time.



I know for me, as a white male, being a cuckhold came so natural. I started very early as a cuckhold and slave. I tried to break away from this lifestyle several times, but it kept calling me back. I love my wife and I being in total submission to our Black Master. I love the humiliation of showing my inferior anatomy in front of Black Men with females looking on. The only natural sex life for me is bowing down on all fours to my Black Master while He bends my wife over and makes her quiver with pleasure.

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