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Your First Black Experience 

No white wife should ever forget her first black cock experience. Some might consider that as simple talk, knowing that each experience will showcase something she hadn’t enjoyed previously, but it is always a good thing to appreciate the first time.

That's a moment that must be treasured not just by her, but with her hubby as well. The same goes with a single woman, whether she's a young slut or in her middle-age. It is imperative that every white woman gets to submit herself to her most pressing sexual desires, whichever that includes her wanting to become a black bull/Master's play-thing.

For plenty of white couples, the urge to have this moment actually happen has been building between them for months, and if possibly, years before hand. They’ve visited numerous adult/erotic websites, they’ve checked out what most couples and bulls are saying on forums and even social network sites (and even visited my blog site now and then), and have even tentatively posted stuff on Craigslist just to find for themselves the perfect bull who will come take away the wife’s black cock virginity.

It can be a daunting task for most, especially when there’s too much that hampers most couples from actually enjoying the full benefit of this lifestyle: kids, jobs, nosy neighbors, and just about anything that involves them finding special time to be with themselves.

But aside from their worry of making out special time to indulge in this, the utmost fear on most couples’ minds (and I know this because I’ve heard such complaints a lot from many), is how possible it is to find a suitable bull for the wife. Not just any sort of bull. One who would bring our erotic response from the wife. Make her feel more comfortable with herself, with what she’s about to attempt. And this goes not just to the wife, but the hubby as well.

Matter of fact, what most bulls don’t know is for a cuckold relationship to become successful, the hubby too needs to be happy with the way things are going. For most hubbies, the feeling of having played match-maker between the bull and the lover is enough pride glowing in his heart. For some, that’s where it ends. Whereas for others, the desire beckons to them to catch first a glimpse, then to become as much a part of the fun the wife is enjoying. The hubbies become jealous of what the wife is having. Like her, they too seek to want to submit to her lover. What better way for the lover to involve the hubby into the circle, knowing that as long as the hubby is happy, the wife too will get as much happiness and it will embolden her courage to continue forth with this lifestyle.

The moment of a bull penetrating a wife’s pussy is the greatest moment any white couple can and will experience. This feeling goes too to a single woman also. Or if it’s for a woman submitting herself to a Black Master, it as well counts as such. For most cuck hubbies the moment comes with seeing the look on their wife’s face as her eyes light up the moment she feels her cunt take on that black dick the first time. The moment she cries out and she realizes how real everything is now happening before her eyes. She realizes now that she’s crossed the threshold, and from here there’s never going to be any going back anymore.

Yes, it might sound like a simple myth, but let me say that behind every myth lies an ounce of truth: ONE A WIFE GOES BLACK, SHE NEVER GOES BACK!

Her hubby knows it, too. He knows that as he sits there watching his wife take on that black cock, that his marital life is never going to be the same like before anymore. Her hubby recognizes the look of love and desire now flaring in his wife’s eyes and knows that her body and soul has now connected with the bull that’s fucking her.

The first time, as I said already, involves the cuck hubby, too. A cuck hubby must remember the first time he gets to eat a bull’s cum out his wife’s pussy. Or even his first time of getting to share sucking duty with his wife by letting the bull/Black Master turn him into a fluffer.

The first time, too, goes for sub white bois seeking to become a Black Master’s pet. They too must keep in mind their first moment of submitting to their Master. Of declaring their love and desire to a black dom, and to submit in whichever way he demands of them.

Further work however, still must be done after a couple has enjoyed their first time. A wife’s first black cock could elevate her desire or spoil her mind when it comes to a second try with wanting a black cock. Such is where a Black Master’s input comes into play.

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Aug 10, 2020

So hot so Horry


Unknown member
Mar 08, 2020

It is a life changing experience for a white woman


Unknown member
Mar 07, 2020

i dont think any womam would forget their first black man i know i never will


Unknown member
Feb 27, 2020

I always remember my 1st Black man

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