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A Day as a Sissy

One of my Black-Owned sissy hubbies sent me this detail of life under a previous Black Master of his. I thought I'd present it here. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Master Paul had ordered breakfast in bed for him and my wife. After serving them and removing their trays, I set about doing my house work while they enjoyed each other. My day was busy having Master's laundry to wash, press and fold. Making sure his shoes were polished and his car spotless inside and out.

I scrubbed floors and vacuumed and when it was lunch time I heard the bell ring so I quickly responded after making sure my maid's uniform was as neat as possible after working. I took a breath and knocked. When I was given permission to enter their bed room I dipped a curtsey and said, "You rang, Master?"

"Yes Sissie, I did. Your wife and I would like some light lunch before we get back to love making".

"Yes, Master. Right away, Master."

Providing another curtsey I left and began to prepare a light lunch for the two of them. As soon as I had it prepared I returned to their room and knocked. I could hear love making noises and there was no response so I stood there patiently waiting. After nearly five minutes I heard my wife climaxing and then it went quiet.

Shortly after I heard, "You may enter now pansy."

Master always refers to me in some manner as to highlight my position as an inferior and servant to him and my wife. As I entered I saw him rolling off of her and could see that they had been busy having sex since I left to prepare their lunch.

"I have your lunch Master."

“Yes Sissie, I see that. It looks good. Set it there on the table and clean your wife for me before you leave."

"Yes Master", I replied as I did as told.

As I licked and sucked her clean she talked to Master about how wonderful it had felt and how glad she was that he had the time to spend the day in bed. After a few minutes of licking and sucking she became aroused and pulled my head into her as she climaxed on my face.

Master asked my wife, "which serves you better his tongue or his little toy dick?"

"Ohh, his tongue. But only after you have cum in me, I love the idea of him licking your cum out of me, it makes me so hot for you. Ok Sissie, I think it's time for you to get back to your house work and don't prepare dinner for us. Master Paul is taking me out tonight. Oh, and you will be driving of course".

"Yes Ma'am, " and I executed a curtsey and quickly left the room.

As I left the room I heard Master Paul say, "Are his hips swinging more than before?"

"Yes", my wife replied, "I have been making him practice hip sway so his skirts would swing more as he walked. I think it's so much fun turning him into a girl more and more all the time."

I paused outside the door to see what else they would say about me.

"Well he certainly does not qualify as a man so he might as well learn to be a proper girl."

"No, he sure doesn't and I am so glad you came along to show me what a real man was like. Sex with you is real sex and being with a real man like you makes me feel like a real woman. No he belongs in panties, bras and makeup that's for sure and he does make a good maid if I do say so myself."

"He does seem to accept his role as a sissy maid cuckold amazingly well."

I left before I got into trouble and continued about my housework. I scrubbed toilets and did more laundry. I cleaned up the kitchen and put the dishes away. As I did all of this I thought about my wife's words pertaining to my driving.

I had driven them many times and they often had sex in the back seat while I drove. Occasionally I would be requested to drive the bumpiest road I could find. Some times when I drove I was permitted to wear male outerwear and other times I was to wear a sissy chauffeur uniform and I wondered which would be the case this time.

Around five o’ clock I was again summoned by the bell. When I was permitted entry Master Paul was dressed and passed by me as I curtseyed. Madam told me to run her bath which I did right away. After bathing her she told me to pick out her things and to be sure they were the kind of things that Master Paul liked. I did as she ordered and helped her dress. She likes me to see what she is wearing for him. When she goes out with him she will not wear panties as she likes to tell me how he has wandering hands and does not like it if anything is in the way.

Once she was dressed she looked me over and told me to put on my sissy chauffer’s uniform. It consists of an all white ensemble. The only color other than white is the pink thread I used to sew "sissy chauffeur panties" on the back side of my panties. The skirt is a flared pleated skirt that comes to just above my knees. I have two jackets to wear with it, one for summer and one for winter which is lined. There is also a pair of white gloves to round it out and I wear 4-inch open-toed strappy heels over my taupe colored nylons. The only addition that no self-respecting lady would wear are the petticoats I am required to wear under my skirt to cause it to flare out even more. Madam says it helps to remind me and others that I am not a real woman but rather a sissy trying to look like one.

I quickly changed out of my maid's uniform and got into my sissy chauffeur’s uniform and presented myself to Master and Madam. Master smiled and asked me to lift my skirt and petticoats and turn and bend over. He patted my bottom and then said, "Here turn this on and put it in". I turned to see him handing me a Black vibrating butt plug. I knew better than to resist so did as I was told lubricating it by sucking on it first. Madam and Master smiled a knowing look at me making me feel even more sissified as I followed Master's orders.

When the butt plug was in place we proceed out to the SUV. I opened the door and waited while they got in and then closed it then got in the driver's seat and was then told they were going to TJ's for dinner. As I drove I notice my wife take out Masters Cock and begin to suck on it saying, "I need a little appetizer to hold me over." Master just laid back and stared in my rear view mirror making me feel very self-conscious knowing he was staring at me. I tried in vain not to look in the mirror at all but I found myself looking every so often and seeing his strong eyes staring back at me making me feel more inferior with each look.

Madam got her appetizer before we got to TJ's and I got out opened the door and let them out. I wished them an enjoyable dinner and returned to the car to wait not knowing how long it would take. I am required to carry some knitting and a women's magazine for instances like this so my mind stays properly focused and I got out the knitting and began. Other people came and left while I sat there doing my knitting and about an hour and a half later Madam and Master came out. I quickly opened the door for them and they got in.

Master told me to stop at a gas station and get gas. So I did. He seems to like to expose me to the public in my sissy outfits and while we did not need gas I was sure that this was about just that. One time while I was pumping gas like this a Black man approached and hit on me. Master put dew on his window and made arrangements with the man after telling him that we were a Black-owned couple, for me to follow this man to a parking lot and give him a blow job. My wife was very excited over that and fucked Master over and over while I drove them around afterward. It only happened once but I am sure they both hope it happens again!

After getting gas I drove them to a night club and again sat in the car while they spent the next 3 hours in the club. This time I studied the women's magazine and did some more knitting to pass the time. When they were ready to go home I drove them home and hung up their clothes. I was permitted a small snack before going to bed myself.

Each day spent as a white servant is different but this is a fairly good example of what it is like for me. Some days I don't see master at all as he is away on business. Other days he will spend more time with me having me serve him as his secretary or in training me. Occasionally he will discipline me but that is more for my wife's entertainment than because I have done something worn. I do not like to displease him because it makes me feel horrible about myself.

Some may wonder why that is so and why being made to be a sissy maid a cuckold or a sissy chauffeur would not make me feel bad. All I can say is that once I learned that I am completely inferior and not a real man at all and accepted that fact a calm came over me and my only desire is to please and serve. I feel very bad if I fail in these endeavors and find a punishment like an over the knee spanking to be a welcome release from the guilt that overcomes me. He is my Master and I live to please and serve him and as a sissy pantywaist I STILL have my pride and my pride involves in being the best sissy maid cuckold I can possibly be!

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