Telling Your Wife/GF Your Cuckold Desires.


Just as articles and books have been written about cuckolding and of how to cuck your lover, I’m not going to try and reference those other works. What I’m going to say is stuff that’ll be as straight-forward and honest as I can make it. I’m not going to lay down some set of rules to follow, but I will give you Two Commandments to follow as you indulge in travelling down this road, so please bear with me.

Know Yourself

This one is about as old as the Bible, and I’ll advise that anyone reading further on this article to pay solid attention to this.

This Commandment summarizes just about everything that’s got us hooked in what we’re here for. It may sound facetious and somewhat over-rated, but I’d beg to differ. This might strike as silly, but there’s a lot of hubbies and boyfriends out there who spend all day mouthing off about wanting their woman to cuckold them but never once pick up on the race. A lot of reasons might account for this: they simply want to pretend to belong, or they’re just so in-tuned with the lifestyle that all it remains is as a fantasy to them. Kind of like a guy always bragging about how much alcohol he can consume yet is too much of a chicken when it comes to proving it inside a bar. You run into such type of guys day in and day out: they talk the talk, but never get to walk the walk.

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For some of them, we can’t totally blame them for such lapse. Let’s face it—we all started out this way. I never woke up one morning fantasizing about white women or about bedding even the married ones. Such thing happened over a long period of time, probably from watching one too many interracial porn movies and reading up erotic stories that involve white couples being seduced by sturdy black men, and then to walking the street and seeing interracial couples going about their business and thus fantasizing about how wild their sex must be from regular couples . . . we’ve all travelled this same route before, so let’s not kid ourselves into think that such an idea came to us pretty the same way that Isaac Newton discovered Gravity when the apple fell on his head (was that really an apple, by the way?).

From such being a fantasy, we gradually learned to cultivate and grow the thought of seeing white women—singles or married ones—getting fucked by black men while their husbands and boyfriends stood at a corner watching, jerking off, and maybe wanting to come over and get some of the wife once the brother’s done expanding their holes. Even when we find ourselves deep into the actual sight of seeing it happen before us—husbands actually watching and listening to their wives getting well fucked—it still doesn’t quit from being a fantasy, because each image of the men seeing their women getting sexually man-handled further stokes the flame of what they’re about. For husbands and wives, such scene makes them share a strengthening connection and entices them to further go the distance to what they desire. To wanting to please these black men and for their sexual urges to continue to remain inspired by them.

For those however who’re still living in the plain fantasy world, a time is bound to come when you’re going to have either man up and step into the bar and prove your worth, or forever remain banished standing in the parking lot, expecting someone to throw you a bone. This is where the first commandment of knowing yourself comes it.


It’s a term that even the ancient Greeks were familiar with. I am a black male, and it will never be my right to strong-arm any husband or boyfriend, girlfriend or wife out there towards wanting to indulge in this subject if he/she doesn’t want or is yet undecided to getting into it. It’s a freedom of choice whether you wish to have your loved one cuckold you or not, but for every choice/decision that’s taken comes reasons behind taking them, and these reasons come in the form of questions. The main one of which is simple: WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO IT?

It’s not actually as simple a question as it might look. I’ve always believed that the hardest questions anyone can ever answer in life are usually the simplest ones they think they could. Only when one realizes the weight that such questions tend to carry do they realize the depth of burden behind such type of questions. Yet that’s basically the way it starts out; these are the same set of questions I would throw at any husband/boyfriend wanting me to help him out with such, and it reads like something out of a questionnaire:

1. WHY DO YOU want your woman/girlfriend to cuckold you?

2. HOW LONG have you been wanting/thinking/desiring this to happen?

3. WHAT ATTRACTS you to the lifestyle?

4. If ever she does decide to do it, WHAT IMPROVEMENTS TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP do you hope it will bring about?

5. Have either of you ever BROACHED THE TOPIC BEFORE, even fleetingly?

6. HOW FARare you willing to go?

7. If eventually she does cuckold you, WHAT WOULD YOUR ROLE BE?

Simple questions, yes they are, but not simple as to be taken lightly. There might exist other such questions, but these ones I think best summarize what I’m trying to state.

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For anything/everything that we do, there exists a reaction. I can imagine why some couples might be scared of entering this lifestyle because they’re very wary about what sort of reactions might be in store for them. How much change in their life would Cuckoldry inflict upon them and their immediate family? Would it bring progress or hamper the growth of their marital life? And what about the kids: if they do find out (and believe me, they will eventually. Kids are trained for that. There’s very little a parent can hide from a child . . . not unless the child/children are away in college and wouldn’t really care much about dad and mom’s crazy lifestyle) how would they react to it? So too our friends and neighbors . . . what would be their reaction when they get to know what we’re indulging into?

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