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Your Hubby Before . . . Your Cuck Hubby Tomorrow

This question here is for the wives to answer: How would you like to see your hubby months or years from now as the loving husband you got married to, and who you’ve always loved and then as the submissive, totally loyal cuck hubby you desire him to become in the near future?

Apparently there’s still plenty of wives to whom the notion of this frightens as well as excites them. Women do talk a lot more about sex even sometimes more than men would. For us men, it’s all in the visuals. What we see and what our imagination can create is what goes well with us. For the ladies, when it comes to trading secrets about how good they’re getting it from their men, it’s enough to make the Dow Average fall and rise steadily.

However years haven’t been good to a lot of these women. The sex has gotten stale to the point of almost nonexistent. Hubby spends more time in the office while you either spend your time at your workplace, or at home mending the little ones. Age has taken away the beauty you once had and you reckon there’s little happening in your life to get your blood pumping again. If only more women (by this, I’m referring to married women. That includes Milfs, Cougars, and Matures), would spend more time surfing the web as their hubbies often do when they aren’t looking, they’d come to find that there’s more waiting for them.

I’m going to share a secret with you lovely ladies out there. You might think I’m lying, but that which you’ve been reading about here in my blog. That same thing you’re worried and frightened about how your hubby might reason or respond to you should ever you bring up the subject with him: That’s exactly what your hubby wants!

Do not be fooled into assuming that you’ve grown old, or fat, or dumpy. Hidden inside every housewife is a slut and a saint. The question is whom would she prefer to become. Yes, in today’s society, the eyes are always looking down upon a woman who opts to follow her sexual desires to the max. Even modern feminists too would suppose this theory that a woman throwing herself at men for sex is like a prostitute giving sex for free. Unfortunately, what most feminists don’t realize is that the first women to fight for the sexual freedom of all women were actually prostitutes. Don’t believe me, read your history books.

It’s women who rewrote the rules of how sex should be, and their men are there to follow. When you come to terms with yourself, knowing that you deserve to be great not just at home but most especially in bed, and that you wish to be ravished by a man whose sexual appetite rivals that of a wild beast, then you know this is something to keep your blood running. Your hubby might not have the balls to go toe-to-toe with you in the bed as the years go by. Not that he wouldn’t want to, but he’s willing to sacrifice his better self to give you that which you can only desire in your dreams.

Even now more women are taking the reins in their hands and starting to dominate their men in the bedroom. More women are starting to give ear to their dark fantasy, knowing that there’s men out there who want them as much as they do. Their hubbies too are ever too happy to ingratiate themselves to their wives’ wants, knowing this will only bring them closer together than if she were to step out cheating behind his back.

Plenty of white women are perusing the internet, loving the dirty pictures of black men fucking white women, especially married white women. They’re as well soaking up erotic literature that carter to interracial couplings. Hubbies are outing their porn stash, much of which contains gratuitous images of interracial and cuckold-type of sex involving black men fucking white sluts while their hubbies watch.

Of course more needs to be done. For every woman that’s assuming this new desire in her life, there’s hundreds more who’re unaware of it. And what’s even worse is that a lot of these women reside in places where there’s few or no black men around to quell their desire. But this is a good thing, at least the women in such places are becoming more aware of their lingering sexuality and desire not to see it go to waste. It’s a shame when I read statements from a lot of hubbies out there who complain about their wives losing interest in sex.

In summary, what I want to tell you ladies is don’t falter in becoming the woman you are and the woman you’d so much want to become. Don’t let what you have die away into the night. You are sex, and you were made to have sex and fucking enjoy it. If you’ve got a lazy hubby who don’t agree, then tell him to his face that it’s what you need. Go get yourself a black stud to come tear that pussy of yours apart and make your hips bounce. Have the bull go bareback and dare him to cum inside you. Get hubby to stand by the bedside and watch how it’s done. Then get him to clean up the mess, see if he won’t.

Listen to the slut inside you and become the hot wife you ought to be! It's never too late, even though that's likely what you're thinking.

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