I have been following your blog with such captivating interest. I’m especially curious about your articles on the black-owned subject. I’d like to know why you insist so much on this? How much benefit will it give to me and my spouse? Is it what other couples have written to you about? Pls shed further light on this subject for me. Thnx.

I hope you like my pic. My hubby took that and wanted you to see it. Hope to hear from you.




Dear Susie,

Thanks for taking time to write to me. It’s comforting to know that been the wife that you are, you and your hubby have been discussing this desire together. Don’t matter how far you’ve both gone with it. A start now is more preferable than leaving it for later.

You already are familiar with the cuckold lifestyle, so there’s little or nothing you’d probably expect me to reiterate about it. However I will add some ideas that maybe you’re unaware of. Been a cuckold, is more or less a sexual state of mind. The word does little justice to what the meaning entails. Over the centuries the meaning has evolved. It is even now still evolving into something more profound, desirable and distinctive into what I refer to as the ‘Black-Owned’ principle.

The ‘Black-Owned’ principle involves a more personalized form of cuckold expression. It works suited to however you and your hubby want it to be not just for both of you but as well either of you. Notice I use the expression ‘either of you’, because the perception of been a cuckold always is that emphasis is on the wife catching her fun however she wants while the hubby remains neutral or less involved in whatever her sexual nature entails. This isn’t usually the case with the ‘Black-Owned’ principle. The principle takes that notion higher by involving you, the wife, along with your hubby toward partaking jointly in the fun. But that comes down to however way you want him involved as well however way he, too, wants to become involved. No arm-twisting is required.

Plenty measure of submission is required of yourself and your hubby. Most especially your hubby. With your designated Black Master now in the picture, it’s his duty to enhance as well as exploit your sexual experience and desire toward becoming on par with his. Your hubby is expected to take a backseat in such exercise. He can have second dips at fucking you later if you want, but only after your Master has done with using your pussy. He also will be expected to clean out your pussy for whenever your Black Master wishes to fuck and pump more loads of his rich cum inside you.

The principle of been ‘Black-Owned’ involves more than the Black Master coming to fuck you and then leave. It is a long-term dedication of submission on you and your hubby’s part, and an increased measure of domination on the Black Master’s part. He will enforce himself into your life sexually and otherwise.

It may be slow, but with time you and your hubby will begin to see him as a solid fixture in your livelihood. In most cases it won’t stop there. You will in time enforce yourself toward spreading the news about what fun you and your hubby are sharing. This richness mustn’t be kept hidden inside your bedroom but most be shown to others who’re yet to discover what this new-found desire holds for them.

Have your hubby write to me later. I want to know more about the both of you.

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