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Cuckold Confession: Nancy's Story - Ten Years Pt. 2

I never realised we had reached this milestone until my husband sent me his story of our marriage. I think it’s only fair that I be allowed to tell my side of the story.

There’s an imbalance in a marriage like ours that some people will find objectionable, but it works very fine for us. I like to think that the happiness I see outside of our marriage is something I can bring into my relationship with Brian. I can’t think of a time we have ever had a significant disagreement or even an argument. Our marriage works because we have a balance. It may not be an even balance, but it’s worth it for us.

This is my second marriage. I learned from my first disaster to be careful about finding a suitable man to spend my life with—someone who would adore the real me. I knew Brian before I was married to my first husband. He knew how wild and spoiled I was back when I was single.

I was born into a wealthy family from the East Coast of America, and I was spoiled from the day I was born. I did graduate from university and, like plenty of Jewish American girls in my social set, I was expected to intern for a fashion magazine and look for the perfect Jewish husband. Of course, that would exclude Brian because he isn’t Jewish, but I did manage to seduce him a few times back then.

My first husband’s name was Rick, and he was perfect for my parents: an Ivy League graduate, an investment banker, well-spoken and sophisticated. He was far too kinky even for me. From the start of our marriage, he developed a cuckold fetish and got off watching other men fuck me in his presence. He couldn’t have sex with me unless after watching me with another man. I felt like I was solely there to perform for him. It’s not to say that some of the sex wasn’t great, it just weirded me out to have Rick sitting in the corner masturbating while I was being fucked.

I brought Brian into the relationship, and it was he I often made love to while Rick watched. I knew he was smitten with me as I was with him, but the fact that he wasn’t Jewish was what made me hesitant to end my marriage with Rick and run away with him.

It may seem weird to many of your readers, but if I was going to run off with a gentile and marry him, I wanted to look like a gentile too. I used my settlement with Rick to get myself a nose and boob job. Once I was healed and could look in the mirror and see that I no longer looked Jewish, I called up Brian and told him I wanted to get married to him. Without hesitation, he said yes.

As he has likely mentioned in his letter to you, I did make some conditions for our marriage. I demanded my sexual freedom, but I did not want an open marriage. I wanted Brian devoted to me. I told him I would have one child, but I did not want to work. I wanted a nanny to help raise the child and, most importantly, I wanted to leave New York and live overseas. The reason why was because my parents were furious that I was going to marry a gentile. I wanted to be far from them as possible, and as far away from my ex-husband as well.

My first affair was with a reasonably successful musician who lived in the same apartment building with us in Chelsea. I had a total crush on him and spent most nights in his flat having great sex. Brian got freaked out about that, and that was when we set a rule that I can’t just one lover because he gets worried I might run off with someone. That was easy to do because it wasn’t long before I seduced one of his friends.

Brian is the sort of man who drives a Volvo. He never breaks the speed limit; pays all the bills on time, and makes sure everything always goes smoothly. As for me, I am attracted to the sort who drives a Maserati, lives for the moment, and takes charge both in and out of the bedroom. Brian does what he is told, and I trust him completely. For my wilder side, I like dominant Alpha Males, preferably wealthy ones. I never date married men because I want a lover who is devoted to me and is not afraid to show me off.

I like to travel, too. Having a husband like Brian means I can go away with a lover and not worry about anything; he’ll be there when I get back. He’s the sweetest husband in the world. Brian has learned how to style my hair, and he gives me manicures and spoils me to death. He’s the perfect father, too. What I love most about him is he isn’t aware of how good looking he is. He gets embarrassed when a woman flirts with him.

I still enjoy sex with Brian, because it’s dirtier than with anyone else. Brian doesn’t just lick my ass; he worships it. He likes drinking my pee. I love that he doesn’t touch himself or masturbate and waits to have sex only with me. Sex with my husband is not an afterthought, but he is not my first choice as a lover, and he knows that and happily accepts it.

What I don’t like are the words: ‘hotwife’ and ‘cuckold.’ They sound silly, in my opinion, and set up all kinds of preconceptions about what an alternative marriage should be about. I think women were born to be more promiscuous than men, but society has been warped to repress that. I am not a liberated woman and don’t believe in female-led relationships.

I like to be taken care of by my husband and my lovers.


This work is a true story as narrated to me by Nancy and Brian Fairchild. Should you not think I'm serious, you can reach them through the email below to hear from them.

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