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Cuckold Confession - Pete and Gwen

My name is Pete, and my wife, Gwen, and I have been married for 7 years now. We live in Illinois. Before we got together, Gwen had always dated black men. In fact, I was the first white man she had been with till this day.

Early on, I was fascinated and aroused by Gwen’s love for black men. I would ask her questions about her previous lovers: how big were their cocks; how long they could last in bed; and did they make Gwen orgasm from penetration? I have a small 4-inch penis, and rarely last longer than 30 seconds; I have never made a woman orgasm from penetration. I began to fantasize about Gwen getting fucked long and hard by a big black cock. I would jerk off imagining her getting fucked by her ex, Rufus. Gwen has been hooked to big black cock since she was 13.

As our marriage grew on, I knew that I was not satisfying my wife. I could see the look of disappointment on her face when I entered her pussy and when I came after only a few slow thrusts. I began to focus on pleasing Gwen through cunnilingus, and I quickly became very good at making her orgasm with my tongue.

A little over a year ago, I shared my fantasy with Gwen in bed after we had sex. I expressed my desire of wanting to see her getting pleased the way she deserved to be pleased. I knew I wasn’t capable of satisfying Gwen sexually.

Gwen had remained friends with her ex-lover, Rufus, all this time. I asked my wife if she wanted to fuck Rufus again, and I knew by the expression on her face that she was turned on by the idea. Gwen was hesitant at first, expressing that she loved me and didn’t want to be with anyone else. I reassured her that I wanted this for her because of how much I love her.

She started texting Rufus, casually flirting at first. That then led to both of them sexting and exchanging explicit desires and pictures. Gwen showed me the texts and I became more aroused than I had ever been. She showed me the dick photos that Rufus sent her. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was twice my size and way thicker.

Gwen asked Rufus if he wanted to come over the next night. Rufus was hesitant at first, asking what about your husband? Rufus didn’t want to break up our marriage. Gwen shared with Rufus my fantasy of watching her fuck a black man; he agreed to come by the next night.

I licked my wife's pussy for almost an hour before Rufus came over, ensuring her pussy was nice and wet for him. When Rufus arrived, I could see the smile on my wife's face.

She invited him into the bedroom and they sat on the bed while I sat in the corner. Rufus leaned in and passionately kissed my wife. I observed Gwen's hand slide over on Rufus’ thigh as she began to caress his cock through his jeans. She then removed his belt and slid his jeans and boxers down his thighs. I was shocked when his cock popped out; he was bigger when flaccid than when I am turgid, and thicker, too. Gwen knelt between Rufus’ legs and slowly slid his black cock in her mouth. Hearing Rufus moan as my wife sucked his cock had my cock begin to get hard.

Gwen continued to suck his cock and knew he was getting close. Rufus then grunted out that he was cumming, and Gwen stayed that way and swallowed his cum. I was shocked to see his cock remained rock hard even after he had climaxed.

Gwen came and laid down on the bed and told Rufus to fuck her hard. I watched them fuck for what seemed like an hour. He was pounding my wife harder than I ever could. Gwen squirted multiple times all over his big black cock. My wife began to beg Rufus to cum inside her pussy as he began to pick up his pace. Rufus grunted out loud as he filled with my wife with his black seed. I wondered if the neighbors heard their loud moans.

After Rufus pulled out, I saw his cum leaking from my wife's pussy. I slid over between my wife's legs and began to passionately lick her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of his cum as I licked my wife clean.

Over the previous year, my wife has fucked 6 more black men numerous times. I find myself more and more fantasizing about Gwen being bred by a black man.

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