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Do You Want to Know What I Would Do to Your Wife?

Here is a scenario that I have been subjected to countless times: a husband/boyfriend contacts me online and presents me with a cute photo of his wife/girlfriend. Nothing wrong about that. I like looking at photos of lovely women, except I’m not into masturbating at photos of lovely women; why masturbate when you can fuck? After we make several exchanges, then comes the self-serving question that I often dread: “What would you do to my wife?”

Quite a puzzling question this is, and it is one that usually vexes me to the point that my obvious response that I want to give comes in the form of a retort: “What the fuck would you think I’d want to do to your wife? Come over and sing her a lullaby??!!? I'M COMING TO YOUR HOME TO FUCK AND BREED YOUR WIFE!

That’s what I want to do. That’s my sole purpose. That’s the fucking reason you reached out to me in the first place. Anymore fucking dumb questions?”

You’d think that would be enough to dissuade them from bombarding me with further dumb questions; on the contrary, it sometimes entices them to go even further: “How would you fuck her?”

That’s another question that infuriates me. How about I intended to answer such senile question in the first place? Does the husband expect me to draw him a diagram reveal my intended action(s) with his wife in his bed? Do these so-called husbands assume that this is some job application I’m applying for? Even if it were so, I didn’t go looking for them and their wives.

I would even presume that majority of such husbands asking me these questions really haven’t the faintest idea what it means to partake in a cuckold relationship. For one thing, many of them are dabbling into this without the consent of their wives/girlfriends tagging along. Not to say that such isn’t allowed, however, this lifestyle involves a party of three: the wife, the husband (cuck), and then there’s the lover (bull). To deviate from this circle is to no longer consider it a cuckold relationship.

Although, there might exist some leeway when it comes to the wife. Some wives would rather cheat on their husbands as opposed to wanting the husband become aware of their erotic desires outside their marriage. Some of these women would admit to already cuckolding their husbands without his knowledge. For some husbands, their feelings switch from anger to one of happiness upon realising their wife’s infidelity; this can be seen as a positive, especially since the husband has likely been finding a means of getting her to loosen up sexually by taking on an outside lover.

Sure, it is perfectly understandable that many husbands find themselves compelled to listen to their submissive desires and fear the selfish possibility of their wives not going along with their wish. Plenty of husbands haven’t the patience of wanting to seduce their wives to get involved. That is quite common. Even now, there are plenty of husbands desperate about wanting to become willing slaves to Dominatrix/Mistresses of their choice. Such husbands are free to indulge in their realm of proclivity however they want, but they should as well desist from putting their woman’s name out there, suggesting that she is well aware of his elicit activity when in actuality, she isn’t.

What could most of these husbands expect should they get to acquaint with a bull’s expertise to ask what he would possibly do to their wives once in bed with them? Of course, the answer would be to fuck—the bull isn’t coming there to bake her a cake, after all. Should even the wife be desirous towards wanting the bull, she knows well enough what is coming the moment they get introduced.

The husband’s best tactic is to get out of the way of the action. He should endeavour not to intrude in what is going to take place in his bedroom, or in his presence. However the wife and the bull’s interaction goes, the cuck husband’s mission is merely to facilitate a meet-and-greet.

Husbands need to understand: there is a big difference between what you want for your wife, as opposed to what she might want sexually. Not to say that the couple’s needs cannot be met equally, however, the wife’s needs must come first. If anyone should be dictating to me whatever it is I intend on doing to the wife, it ought to be her!

As much as husbands out there are desperate about wanting to see their wives in the arms of another man, there should also take in consideration the wife's desires. The wife, too, wants to be with another man, but it would be detrimental if the husband compels the wife to do things his way rather than both of them taking the decision together as one.


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