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A Husband's Confession: "I Caught My Wife Cheating!"

Master Shango,

I recently came across your posted tweet on Twitter requesting for cuckold confessions from anyone out there. Boy, do I have one for you. I’ve been wanting since to reach out and tell you my story. I know you've probably heard dozens of similar stories like mine before. This is just how things started for me, how I came to be the cuck husband that I am now.

The story I'm about to share with you happened five months ago.

I have been married for six years, to my beautiful “Barbie” wife. While talking about fantasies in our earlier years, she made mention to me of her desire to be a whore to BBC. I was naïve to the idea at the time, but the thought was enticing enough for us to continue talking about it as weeks went on. The conversation often came up during sex; not once did we mention it any other time besides that.

For all the talk we had, weeks went by with neither of us attempting anything towards making it happen. The fault was mine. I harboured some fear about wanting to take that bold move forward. I kept worrying that if we did, I might end up losing my wife to whoever she met. Believe me, I have heard stories of such happening.

Three months went by, and suddenly I began seeing drastic changes in my wife. We weren’t having penetrative sex anymore (not in the span of time since we began having this discussion). When we did have sex, she would only allow me to perform oral sex on her. At this time, I was starting to panic inside. I began thinking that maybe, just maybe, something was going on outside our marriage.

Months later, I traveled out of town on business. I was supposed to return home on a Friday, but I managed to conclude my business ahead of schedule and decided to return home on Thursday. I didn’t call my wife to let her know I would be returning home early as I wanted to surprise her; the thought simply slipped my mind.

I arrived home and found another vehicle in my driveway, one that I didn't recognise; I decided to park mine down the street. A premonition went off in my head as I exited my car and approached my house. Somehow I knew that I was in for a rude awakening once I walked in the front door. I eased myself into the house undetected, and first looked in the living room and combed the ground floor but found nothing amiss.

Then I swallowed my pride and made for the bedroom upstairs, walking as light-footed as I could.

I was halfway up the stairs when I started hearing moaning and slapping. No way I could have mistaken what those noise meant. I should have been angry, instead I found myself growing hard in my pants. I quietly approached the bedroom and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I peeped inside.

My beautiful wife was having a threesome with two black men!

I must have croaked, but was glad they didn’t hear me. I almost came in my pants as I watched, stunned and in disbelief, but equally excited. I mean until that day, I had never been as excited ever. Both men were using her at will, the way she hollered and moaned. She was making animalistic-type of noise; the type of noise she had never made with me before, not in all the years since we had been married. Something else occurred to me as I spied on them: neither of the men was wearing any rubber.

I wanted to hide by the doorway and watch them, but I figured they’d quit if they knew I was home. I left the door, sneaked out of the house, and returned to my car. I spent the night in a local hotel three miles from home. When I returned the following morning, it was like everything had been nothing but a dream. There wasn’t any mystery car in my driveway this time. My wife came out and welcomed me; she gave no indication at all that she had been cheating. Trust me, I looked around the bedroom and found no evidence that she had been with anyone. God knows if they stayed over for the night.

My wife doesn’t know that I was in the house and saw what happened to this day. It’s her dirty little secret, but I know all about it! Should I tell her, or keep playing along?


Months have passed since I caught my wife in bed with the two black men. Since then she has been leaving the house at odd hours and never telling me where she’s going. One time I casually asked, she said she was heading out to visit a friend that lived several blocks from us. She didn’t return for two hours, and she came home empty-handed. But I didn’t question her about it. I knew she had been looking for those lovers of hers, or maybe met them up someplace to fuck. Who knows.

Long story short, my wife is now addicted to black cock!

I finally came clean and told her about how I caught her in the act. She was shocked at first, but then she, too, admitted how she had met the two guys one afternoon when she went shopping, but decided to hold off until I was away on that business trip. She still sees them regularly, and now that we’re open about things, she has made plans of inviting the guys over to the house this coming weekend.

I’ve taken on the cuckold role in our marriage. It’s been extremely arousing and rewarding for me! I’d like to thank you for the messages you’ve been spreading. It’s been tremendous fun learning more about the cuckold lifestyle from visiting your website’s blog, and reading your Medium page. If you would like to hear from my wife, do let me know. I know she’d love to tell her own side of the story.


Sean & Ashley.

Phoenix, AZ.

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