Making White Bois Jealous

The unfathomable power that Black Cock enjoys is the inexplicable ability of making white bois jealous.

That isn’t meant to sound negative, but rather a reality check on the way things are meant to be. Cucks would thrive best towards accepting this known factor rather than putting up a futile challenge against it.

The fear that lurks in plenty of white bois' hearts is the thought of their women suddenly becoming attracted towards wanting Black gods. But that fear hides something far deeper: the idea that like their women, white bois, too, would find themselves equally attracted towards wanting to be submissive towards Black gods.

However way they choose to look at it, they cannot hide themselves from the reality that awaits them. That white women look a lot different when on their knees begging to worship a Black god's cock. The attraction is poignant and infectious, enough to spur other white sluts from wanting to do the same.

How many times have you often heard stories of white husbands struggling to entice their wives into taking on a Black lover? Such tales often come with different consequences. Often the wife might seem reluctant towards the idea. But as weeks and months go by, she warms to it and allows herself succumb against her every conservative marital standing. Her change is further compelled by the suggestions of other wives around her who, too, have become adventurous with taking on this practice. As the wife submits to her lover, she finds herself immersed by the love-making to the point where she might actually deem it necessary to break from her husband and elope with her lover.

This is a foreboding fear that many husbands and boyfriends harbour should they consider allowing their wives/girlfriends free reign to do whatever with their Black lover(s). But it is one they most likely have to contend with, as well they have to wrestle with their own cuckold instincts as regards to their submissive nature.

This nature is bound to inspire harmony in their hearts and minds. Many husbands do desperately desire the thought of becoming completely submissive towards their wives as well to their lovers.

They wish to be brought to hell, compelled to obey the Nature of Command that declares the wife's lover as their Black Master in their household. The wife would share second place being the Master's sexual plaything, to fuck and to breed however he so desires, while the husband/cuck becomes the undisputed sissy-boi/servant whose mission it would be to see to their comforting needs.

As we venture further into the New Year, more husbands are going to reassure themselves towards endeavouring to fulfil their submissive dreams alongside their wives. Regardless of whether they choose to become Stags, or committed cucks/sissies. The same should apply to horny wives who have long become weary with having unsatisfied pleasure from their mates. Now is the time for them to realise their true sexual potential and embrace that hotwife instinct that beckons them toward committing to being Blacked.

Even better is when they prefer serving their Black god(s) while on their knees. Nothing can be more preferable than that.

P.S. I bid you all welcome to 2021. The last year was a hell of a bummer that I know many of us would love to erase from memory. The good news is that 2020 is officially a memory, although one that will remain with us for a long time. Regardless of whatever pain we went through, we survived and it's inevitable that we must carry on where others fell behind.

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