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What do Most White Women Want?!!?

There are too many answers to that question, but let’s attempt to narrow it down to a sexual question: what do a majority of white women want sexually?

They want to be fucked hard in the bedroom, or outside of it, too; they want to climax multiple times; they want to experience rough sex from a man with a high prowess and stamina in bed; the way to feel the rush that comes with having their pussy pounded, stretched . . . and especially, Blacked.

Yes, Blacked. In other words, fucked by a black cock.

That is really what many white women want.

So many are yet to recognise this truth for what it means to themselves. There are many out there that do, though they are yet to embrace this reality; they are still complicated and baffled by how much the desire and urgency seems to be nestled in their heart and why they cannot seem to shake it free. They are busy debating the pros and cons, speculating how it will work for them in their relationships, and whether their husbands/boyfriends would go in accordance should they admit their truth.

What many of these white women are yet to acknowledge is how much there is a growing majority of white men who demand that they do. These same white men are equally moved by the growing desire white women are having towards wanting black men. So huge is the desire that it has spread its infection into white men, too. White men not only want to see white women have their chance of engaging in sex with black men, but they, too, want the same.

White bois cannot help craving the attraction of wanting to taste black cock. They want to see a black cock invade their women’s pussy, mouth, and anus; they want to see their women fucked hard, made to scream and whimper in their presence like never before; they want see their women succumb to the most incredible climax they can have during sex, and inevitably, they want to capture the moment when that black cock pumps its load inside her pussy.

These same white bois want to perform their foremost task that beckons to them after seeing their women’s vagina get flooded by a black cock. That task involves them cleaning up the creampie mess that’s left in the black cock’s wake.

Whatever could be responsible for unleashing this desire among white women and white bois, too? And how come this desire isn’t merely restricted to western countries but has already begun invading the Old World and beyond?

Many demand an answer to these questions, and inevitably, it matters not where such desire stems from or how long it has been floating around and has only begun spreading its root at a rapid pace than ever. Such desires have always been inherent in white women, though due to societal pressure and the risk of being shunned by others around them, they opted putting a lid on things, only admitting to the truth in the confines of their homes.

White bois, too, have harboured this desire far longer than white women, except to openly admit the truth to themselves is a risk only few have dared to take. Many husbands would risk persuading their women to get blacked if only it will equally lead to them addressing their truth of wanting to become submissive towards black men. These white bois have lived in despair for years, courting this submissive urgency in their heart and mind while suffering in abject silence.

These white bois deserve the release to acknowledge their love for black cock, and they desire making such known to the world while worshipping black cock alongside their women.

Hence why no matter how strong many white women resist the temptation of denying their attraction towards black men, their white bois will constantly do what’s necessary to compel them towards this mission.

Until these white women dare push themselves to acknowledge this throbbing urgency will their heart and mind remain in despair to their unanswered needs. Why punish yourselves when it is so simply to admit the truth: that you have long been starved of terrific sex, and you know your husbands aren’t equal to the task of sexually satisfying you in bed. Even now, many have accepted that things aren’t ever going to improve with their husbands, and even their husbands have offered the better option to become better acquainted with a black dom.

The truth cannot be forever ignored. It matters not whether you are a teenage snowbunny whose only discovered sex last month, or that you are a mature granny long experiencing the throes of menopause. As long as you consider yourself hot and sexy, there should be no stopping you from embracing what you want.

White women know what they want, and it's about time they let it known especially to their men that they crave black dicks all day every day!

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Mar 04

i want for my birthday 50 big black cocks to bread me nonstop all weekend make me your slave if you want me


David Sissy
David Sissy
Oct 25, 2023

If you want to make your wife happy, don't give her flowers or a pearl necklace for her birthday; Give her a black lover who will fill her vagina like you never did with your white micropenis. She will be the happiest woman in the world...

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