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Your Wife is my Bitch!

Your wife knows how to spread her legs for me whenever I come by. She is quite a submissive slut, that means that I’ve trained her well. You should see her whenever I come by your home.

Your wife knows how to wear the right costume to welcome me. The right costume being nothing at all. Sure, she might decide to wear a t-shirt just to cover herself in case any of the neighbours are nosying about. But that t-shirt will be out of her the minute I walk in and shut the door behind me.

She leads me to the living room and promptly wastes no time in her entertainment. Of course, you aren’t home to capture what we’re doing. That is your loss, cuck-boi, as you need to be at work bringing home the money for me to use and take care of her for you. She offers me something to drink from the fridge. Most times, I’m thirsty when I come by, and you know the one thing that would quench my thirst, don’t you, sissy-boi?

Your bitch then drops to her knees and unzips my fly and takes my black meat out of his hiding place. She licks her lips then proceeds to give me the kiss of life while I lounge back and try to enjoy my beer. Your woman wasn’t that good cock-sucker when I first got to spend time with her. But she has improved. No doubt that had to do with her sucking on that pecker of yours much of her married life. She wasn’t that well into deep-throating when I hooked up with her. Hell, she never before had a clue what that term meant. But look at her now. She fucking loves the hell out of it! Aren’t you proud of her?

She spits on my dick and then she goes downtown on me, learning to relax her jaw muscles once she gets to swallowing my nut-sac. The whole time she’s got her fingers buried inside her coochie, propping herself to get wet fast.

A good blowjob does get me going; it puts me in the right state of mind. But things can only get better once it ends on a high note—that means when I get to fuck the shit out of your woman, cuck-boi. By the time I finish my beer, I’m ready for action. Your wife, being the gracious hostess that she is, assists me with getting out of my clothes, then leads me upstairs to your sanctum.

I know you’ve heard all of this from her already—ain’t nothing of what I’m saying is new to you—except you ain’t heard it from me until now.

Your wife falls on the bed and then spreads her butt for me to see how clean and neatly shaved her tushy is. I spend some little time eating out her pussy, getting her all wet just the way I want. She lets me lie on the bed and then once again attacks my cock like she often does. She’s gotten so addicted to it, I can’t tell her no.

Done with the foreplay, the fucking comes next. Your bitch gets on top of me and rides me like the horny slut that she is. Her pussy wraps itself tight around my dick. The way it does, I can tell she misses it every time I ain’t around to come give it to her.

She rocks me up and down, back and forth. She yelps my name . . . she curses you out, cuck-boi. Tells me what a two-bit loser you are in bed. I smack her butt, then roll over to be on top. Your wife then locks her legs over my backside and lets me grind away.

Grind away, grind away . . .

Grind, grind, grind away . . .

While your wife yelps and screams my name!

She locks her arms and feet over my backside as I pump my load inside her. By the way, just so you should know, I always fuck your wife bareback. And she always loves for me to cum inside her.

Are you getting hard reading this so far, white boi?

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Dec 16, 2020

EVERY WHITE WOMAN ; MARRIED OR NOT ;;; SHOLD BE BLACK OWNED .; AND get black fucked as long as she breaths


Unknown member
Nov 20, 2020

She had really missed You, have you been abroad? As soon as i got home from work, i saw the satisfied look on her face and your empty glass. You really change her mood.


A soul is empty, but yet it is never exhausted. Energy flows where your attention goes. Just as a flower opens up to the light, so does your soul seek what you desire. Deficit and abundance are conceived as one, they go hand in hand just like matter and energy or dark and light. So there are many paths that the energy can take, but it is the human who makes the choice. Yes Mistry and Imagination arise from the same source. This source is called darkness, darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding. When a cuck, enjoys to watch his wife get fucked more, than actually fucking her himself, and the wife wife prefers a black bull, then…


Sep 17, 2020

Are you getting hard reading this so far, white boi?

GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


ohhhh Master.. i dream of this all the time. the thought of her enjoying your cock and getting what she deserves, is terribly arousing for me.

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